Cancer Imaging Phenomics Toolkit (CaPTk)  1.3.0
Download Instructions

CaPTk is currently distributed in the form of pre-compiled (executable) Windows installer, and we are actively working on producing pre-compiled binaries for Linux and macOS machines too.

The Windows executable package (provided in the download link below) contains all required dependencies and does not need administrative privileges for installation. The linux executable assumes Qt 4.8.x installed on the system and in the PATH and was built using GCC 4.8.6 (default with Ubuntu 14.04); the custom path for installation can be specified using the following command:

$package --target $desiredInstallDir

To download the CaPTk source code along with various sample datasets, please visit our Download Page hosted in NIH-supported NITRC.

Please cite the following when you use CaPTk in your research:

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